Extending Living Space With An Orangery

Orangeries were fashionable additions to stately homes, enjoyed by the wealthy landed classes of eighteenth century Europe. A well designed orangery can, however, add a touch of class and panache to the modern home of today. These superior conservatories are an elegant solution for homeowners wishing to extend their living accommodation. They may also have a positive impact on the resale value of a home.

The average conservatory can often look like a hasty afterthought, a transient and awkward attachment to a house. Orangeries, by contrast, give the impression of enduring solidity. Large glass windows and roofs, which allow light to stream in, are supported by sturdy ground to ceiling columns. They do not compromise the integrity of a building, but complement and enhance the overall appearance.

Conservatories are often built as a quick and cheap solution to lack of space within the home. Sometimes, however, they are neither practical nor beautiful. They can lack the desired privacy and may appear flimsy and insubstantial. A poorly designed conservatory can detract from both house and garden. Orangeries can make good use of the available space, providing both light and spacious accommodation whilst not compromising on durability and security. They make superb dining areas, music rooms, studies and places of peaceful meditation.

The downfall of many conservatories is that they dissipate heat too readily. On cold days they can become chilly and inhospitable spaces. In cooler climates they may well remain unused for half of the year. Orangeries retain heat well and provide a pleasant and useful space whenever it is required.

The most popular designs include those with double sliding doors. This enables homeowners to blur the distinction between garden and home. The enchanting fragrances and the gentle humming of the garden can pervade indoor spaces. Clever use of terraces or areas of decking can further extend the possibilities of these useful additional rooms. They enable living spaces in the home to become fluid and more adaptable to the needs and desires of the occupants.

The design possibilities for orangeries are endless. They can blend in seamlessly with the existing house. Alternatively, contrasting modern materials may be employed to make a bold design statement. Homeowners should give this careful consideration as these structures are far more permanent than conservatories. It is worth bearing in mind that this sort of extension can affect the decisions of potential future buyers. Nevertheless, high quality design can add considerably to the value of a home. Homeowners should also ensure their new extension is compliant with local building and planning regulations.

Creating a beautiful space with an orangery can add charming appeal to any home. Families can enjoy the use of the extended space in a number of ways. It could also prove to be a shrewd investment when it comes to selling the property at a future date.

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