Helpful Landscaping Tips From Your San Diego Landscaping Professionals

If you live in Southern California, you have special needs when it comes to your yard and landscape. There is little rainfall and water is a valuable commodity in this region. Here are some helpful tips from your landscaping service San Diego residents trust and appreciate.

Plants that require little water will do best in Southern California. They resist times of drought and do not require a lot of attention and care. Choose plants like Spanish Lavender or Rosemary. This will save you time that can be better spent on other activities. There is much to do in this part of California, with its lovely and agreeable climate.

Water conservation is a major concern in California, so if you limit normal lawn grasses you will naturally use less water. The more patios and pavement you have, the less need you create for plant life that needs precious moisture. Also, consider using mulch around your plants, as that will conserve on water also.

If you wish to grow vegetables you need to fortify the soil, as there are not a great deal of nutrients and top soil available. Use compost and mix it in with the soil before planting. In fact, you will get better results if you plant in containers. This will use less water and you can have better control over the process.

Instead of planting a large lawn, consider ornamental grasses like zebra grass. It is very easy to grow and requires a minimum amount of water. You will have much less work with these type of plants, as there is no frequent watering and mowing required. For added color to a yard, consider purple fountain grass.

Keep the climate and eco system in mind when you make changes to your San Diego landscape. For professional help and advice, contact your local landscape professionals. They will help you choose the right plants, materials, and design. This can give you an “easy to care for” landscape that you can be proud of.

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