Tomato Pest And Illness Problems: Forestalling, Diagnosing And Treating

Tomatoes are notoriously picky plants. Tomatoes are in the potato family, which makes them susceptible to tens, if not tons of pest and illness Problems; however , that shouldn’t stop any tomato loving gardener from cultivating buckets of healthy tomatoes. The key’s to learn the way to cease, diagnose and treat tomato Problems.

Tomato Sickness Prevention

Disease prevention in tomato plants starts with healthy growing practices. Preparing the soil, watering properly, and feeding suitably are all keys to tomato illness prevention. Tomatoes like a well draining soil stuffed with a lot of organic matter. Tomato roots penetrate deep into the soil, helping to stabilise plants and take up water. With well prepared soil, watering awfully and infrequently”every 4-6 days, will allow the tomato plant to have enough water, without putting the plant at risk of issues of overly “wet feet.” Always water in the morning, so plant leaves have enough time to dry during the daytime. Leaves are an ideal spot for disease incubation, and water ripens those conditions far more. Prune your plants to provide air circulation thru the leaves and branches, which will also help drying time. Ensure your tomato plants receive correct nutrition by conducting a soil test, and treating the soil according to the results. All these practices will give your plants a good start beating off sicknesses and pests.

Diagnosing Tomato Pests and Sicknesses

If all of your well meaning cultivation practices have not stopped your plants from succumbing to a problem, then you should diagnose the difficulty. Tomatoes can have pest Problems, sustenance issues, viral, bacterial and fungal Problems.

Pest damage to tomato plants causes perceivable physical changes. Cutworms actually cut off the plant from its root system, causing the plant to shrivel and die. Aphid damage results in sticky residue on the plant. Aside from the damage they impose, you can often see the pest itself on the plant. Caterpillars bury into fruit and eat it, causing fruit to decay. Whiteflies and spider mites are visible on the leaves. Diagnosing pest issues is less complicated than other issues because most pests can be noted on the plant.

Steven Wilson has a hunger for growing tomatoes and has spent over 25 years earning a living from tomatoes and achieving mastery of how to grow tomatoes the correct way.

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