Cindy Fillingame’s glowing, rainy-day garden

August 09, 2022

Let’s move on to another lovely Wisconsin garden from Madison Fling in June, this one belongs to Cindy Fillingame. An old, tricycle greets you out front, a tub of yellow pansies burning behind the seat, pink penstemon poking through the spokes.

As Austin grinds under the merciless Death Star, it’s a visual relief for me to go through my photos of Madison’s green, humid parks.

The day we visited Cindy’s garden, it rained and the garden was sparkling on a rainy day.

Hello kitten!

A beautiful pot of succulents

Camasia, I think

I’m not sure if this mossy bench is even accessible among those giant hosts, but it’s a charming sight under the hanging cone needles.

Globe flower, aka Trollius hondoensisOn bent stems

Nodding lilies add rich color.

Beautiful garden art in foam flowers

A beautiful blue allium

I wish alliums were easier to grow in Central Texas gardens, but garlic chives are about it for Austin. Or is anyone here having success with other breeds?

Not sure what it is – another allium? Drumstick allium? – But it’s charming.

Ah, clematis and lilies – a beautiful, blooming mass of them.

Let’s enjoy another scene.

and other

A reddish, organically molded birdbath is matched with a chocolate-colored bush behind it. What an interesting focal point.

But back to that dewy lily


And more!

Next: Beautiful views and songbirds at the Wolbricht Botanical Garden. For a look back at Anne Munson’s wooded garden with found-object art, click here.

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