Key Questions in Urban Pest Management

May 2022
216 pages
ISBN 9781800620155

By: Partho Dhang, Independent Consultant, Philippines, Philip Kohler, University of Florida, USA, Roberto Pereira, University of Florida, USA, Daniel Dye II, Brooker, Florida, USA

Urban pests are common all over the world. These include cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ticks, fleas, ants, termites, rats and others. These pests thrive in human structures, where there is food, warmth and hiding places. Urban insects are one of the leading causes of human illness due to allergies, bites, food contamination and phobias. They can cause significant damage to property and structures.

Knowledge and training in this area is essential for professional and trainee pest managers. This book is specially intended to provide a help to such candidates. The book contains 500 multiple-choice questions (and answers) grouped under the following main topics:

· History of urban entomology
· Household pests
· Cockroaches
· Flies
· Mosquitoes
· Cockroaches
· Insects
· Scattered insects
· Preserved product pests
· Vertebrate worms
· Pesticides and pesticide formulations
· Managing pesticides
· Integrated pest management

Produced in a convenient format that can be used anywhere anytime, the book allows the reader to learn and revise the subject and much more. Its structure allows for the study of one subject area at a time, progressing through a general introduction and key revision questions, many of which require students to use their practical knowledge. Answers to each question are provided at the end with brief explanations where appropriate.

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