Pittsburgh Apartment Pests – How To Keep Them Away

For many Americans, apartment living is an attractive and convenient arrangement, but like all things under the sun, it has both pros and cons.

The multi-family nature of apartment complexes makes pest-control and pest-management issues difficult to address.

The close proximity of units to each other and the fact that it can be difficult to isolate the source of infection can spread the infection.

Most units in apartment buildings share walls, floors, and connected utilities, which serve as perfect travel routes for various pests within the building.

Apartment dwellers won’t be relieved to know it’s worse.

Open windows, sliding glass doors, ventilation slats for air conditioners and without proper weatherization around windows and even potted plants are symbolic welcome mats for the invasion of insects and other pests.

Unwanted visitors include: bed bugs; Cockroaches, flies, silverfish, spiders and rats among others can make living conditions very unpleasant for apartment dwellers.

Each will be addressed individually below, and each will require professional help to eliminate.

Pittsburgh apartment complex pests


No matter how clean or moisture-free an apartment complex is, as far as bed bugs are concerned, it’s not enough to keep them out once they’re inside.

These pests thrive on sheets, mattresses and linens and do not need crumbs or food scraps to survive.

Resurgence of the bedbug

They are hitchhikers and easily move undetected from unit to unit on handbags, luggage and second hand items.

They move virtually undetected which means that vigilance is key to capture Before they even set foot inside a unit.


These tough insects carry diseases and toxins and have bothered humans since the world was young.

At least 3,500 species of these unhealthy scavengers are known to exist worldwide, but only 55 species exist within the United States.

Cockroach infestation control

They are nocturnal, and any Pittsburgh apartment complex owner or manager should know that if roaches are found roaming around during daylight hours, they are either disturbed or worse, an infestation in the unit in question may be so severe that there are more bugs than bugs. has Spaces in which to hide.

If this is the case, there is no time to call Pestco’s pest-control and pest-maintenance experts for immediate help.


Flies prefer to lay their eggs in damp, dark and disgusting places.

Our pest-control and pest-management experts are often called upon to eliminate house flies and fruit flies from Pittsburgh homes.

House fly food contamination

Both species thrive in densely populated metropolitan areas across the country.

If houseflies are dangerous to human health, as studies indicate they are carriers of more than 65 diseases, the pathogens of which are transmitted through contact or bodily fluids such as: saliva, feces, vomit and urine.

This disgusting process takes only a few seconds.

Contamination occurs when these insects move between clean and contaminated food sources, transporting both dirt on their bodies and internal microorganisms.

Counterintuitively, houseflies regurgitate digestive juices and defecate while feeding.


This unpleasant pest, also known as: bristletail, firebrat, fish moth and urban silverfish, causes serious damage to books and fabrics.

Other materials are also at risk, because they will eat anything that contains a high percentage of cellulose, which is found in starchy sugar: paste, newspapers, book bindings, wallpaper; Fabric, glue, mold and even dead insects.

Pittsburgh silverfish eradication

The average Pittsburgh homeowner will often find silverfish in moist, humid areas with little foot traffic and an abundant food supply.

They need some water to survive, but cannot survive without protein, carbohydrates and starch.

We recommend sealing dry products such as: cereal, pasta; rice quinoa; flour; Sugar and pet food in tight, air-tight containers to prevent silverfish from reaching these tempting food sources.

Rats and mice

The stuff of nightmares and horror movies, rats are among the most unsanitary, dangerous and harmful pests that can make an apartment uninhabitable.

It is estimated that a single house mouse leaves behind 3,000 micro-droplets of urine per day.

Rats have strong teeth

To fully understand its effects, consider that this urine contains countless bacteria and viruses that are carried wherever the rodent travels.

These include: kitchen counters, floors, silver drawers and pantry cupboards.

Their cousins, the roof and Norway rats, also leave feces and urine containing pathogens capable of spreading salmonella, murine typhus, and other illnesses. Rats are also known to chew through attic wiring in Pittsburgh apartment complexes, often causing fires and contaminating insulation.

the spider

While many are terrified of spiders, some are more harmful than others.

The most common species found in the Pittsburgh area are: Cellar spiders (Daddy longlegs) which are unsightly due to their unnatural proportions but are not harmful to humans.

There are also house and wolf spiders, orb weavers, which are about an inch long and remain in their web until something flies or crawls nearby.

Grass or funnel spiders spin long webs that lead their food sources to their nests, and jumping spiders, including: zebra jumpers; Collection of long bodied, bronze and emerald jumpers. Moves very quickly and changes shape, but is not known to bite humans.

Then there are brown recluse spiders, which are relatively small, ranging from an inch in size to an inch in width.

They are most easily recognized by their brown color and a violin-shaped pattern on their backs.

Despite their small size, their bites can make some people very sick and even kill the tissue around the bite site.

These bites are very serious and are often ignored at first because the bite itself is not painful.

A few simple apartment pest proofing tips

The following tips are intended for Pittsburgh apartment complex managers and residents.

For managers and owners:

Keep your apartment inviting and pest free

This forces apartment complex owners and managers to think ahead when it comes to pest control and pest maintenance.

Keep unwanted invaders away before they get a chance to gain a foothold by hiring professional pest control experts to strengthen and maintain your building’s defenses against them.

Prevent standing water

This is a very important measurement because insects seek water before food and shelter as necessities of life.

Spaces to watch most carefully include: leaks or pools of water; Bathroom, utility room, kitchen, dining area, cleaning area and laundry facilities.

Maintaining humidity and standing water levels at minimum levels is important for effective pest control and pest maintenance.

Keep residents informed and ask for cooperation

Pest infestation is a plague for apartment complex owners or managers in more ways than one.

Reputation is vital to continued business and word spreads quickly within apartment walls as creepy crawlers invade living spaces and make everyday life very unpleasant.

Being honest and keeping residents well-informed about proper pest-prevention and pest-control methods can be in the form of community education sessions or instructions given by a professional organization.

These actions help build trust and reduce the likelihood of pest attacks.

Prevent cross-contamination by treating adjacent units

Unfortunately pests have a happy day and a great advantage when they enter an apartment complex.

This is because they can easily move from one unit to another after each elimination attempt.

This exemplifies the need to treat all units on both sides of the affected areas.

Although this will cost more initially, the end result will be savings in the form of fewer visits from Pestcor technicians.

Monitor regularly and thoroughly

Apartment complex owners and managers must ensure that all cleaning staff are thoroughly briefed on proper cleaning protocols, and how and where to report pest problems when they are noticed.

It is also important to maintain careful and detailed records of cleaning procedures and inspections from the chosen professional pest control company.

Pest control and pest maintenance is not just for summer or any other season; It is a process that must be engaged throughout the year.

Tips for residents:

Apartment owners must keep the premises clean

Occasional cleaning won’t keep pests away like many of us do.

Special attention should be paid to high traffic areas such as: kitchens; garbage area; Bathrooms and utility spaces are consistent problem spots and should be attended to on a daily basis.

Pests simply love discarded food scraps, garbage, and debris.

Homeowners should be aware of areas under appliances and sinks, keep counters and floors clean and free of debris, and take out trash regularly.

Maintain outdoor area

Apartment complex residents should keep trees and shrubs away from units and trim overhanging limbs.

Replace torn curtains and patch any gaps to eliminate entry points.

Seal any gaps or cracks around windows and doors in your foundation.

Placing yellow or sodium vapor lights in outdoor light fixtures helps repel insects.

If wood is stored outdoors, it is important to keep the wood pile a safe distance from the residence.

Avoid second-hand furniture

While a piece of furniture may be priced right and fit perfectly with the decor of a unit, apartment complex residents must inspect any used furniture very carefully before bringing it into an apartment building.

They can also harbor bed bugs, powder post beetles and other unwanted critters.

Pittsburgh friendly pest control company

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Facility hygiene, whether with odor or pest problems, is an ongoing concern, and is much more effectively addressed when technicians are called to a scene before the malodor gets out of hand and earns an apartment complex. A reputation for being both smelly and neglected.

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For apartment complexes, being a property steward translates into a serious and consistent approach to building maintenance, environmental odor and air freshening solutions. Pest control and pest management.

Knowing that the job will be done efficiently and at the best price available will relieve many hours of sleepless nights that come with the territory of selling prescription drugs and managing an apartment complex.

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