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First impressions Everything for any business, but for dog daycares and kennels, they are especially important because of the odors that naturally emanate from our furry loved ones 🙂

If you operate a kennel or dog grooming facility anywhere across Pittsburgh, learn more about the importance of ambient fragrance and odor control in your environment, or call our team today and explore our odor control and air freshener services! (412) 252-5200

Our pets are our beloved four-legged children, and their care is never important to us when we have to leave them behind for business, pleasure or when travel plans arise urgently and unexpectedly.

Pets are very popular in the United States, as evidenced by statistics that estimate that 43 million households have more than one dog, and nearly 30 million households have more than one cat.

When we have to temporarily part with fur babies, we look for dog care and kennels that can meet their needs, because every facility is different.

Pittsburgh Kennel Odor Control

Statistics tell us that over 30 million pet owners leave their pets in the care of a reputable facility each year.

The busy lives of today’s consumers often force the need for frequent travel, which has subsequently led to the explosive growth of kennels, pet hotels and dog grooming facilities.

Odor and Odor Control in Dog Grooming Facilities

Just a place to care for dogs that offers food and exercise.

A pleasant, soothing environment may be elusive, but nevertheless, it is vital to a dog’s well-being, and it can affect the animal’s ability to thrive without the support of their primary family connection.

Odor and odor control options provided by our air freshener experts at Pestco Professional Services provide durable, cost-effective solutions.

A kennel or dog care facility must maintain an environment that will ensure that the pets in their care remain healthy and happy.

Doggy day care centering

Traffic at dog care facilities and kennels is constant and many new animals arrive, interact with others, and leave each day of the year.

Even the most responsible of caretakers have no way of knowing where each animal has been prior to arrival or what they have been exposed to.

This is why management of the environment (which only they can control) is so important. It focuses on maintaining safe levels of disease, odor and pest control.

Urine and feces are the most common contaminants, and they create an unsanitary and unsanitary environment, increasing the risk of both disease and stress for all animals.

When the waste material breaks down, an ammonia gas is produced that emits steam and an unpleasant odor.

If the waste is not cleaned in time and accumulates, this gas can adversely affect the dog’s eyes and lungs.

Odor control service kennel

Feces have such a terrible smell because they contain bacteria, which make up about 25% of the total weight of the feces.

These pathogens cannot be seen with the naked eye and are known to reproduce at an alarming rate every 10 minutes.

Bad behavior can be greatly reduced by offering boarding dogs multiple trips per day to elimination locations within a kennel or dog care facility.

Also, workers must be vigilant and remove waste as it occurs, which will help reduce bad odors.

Dog care and reduction of malodors in kennels require precautions regarding bathing, clean bedding, good ventilation and quiet arrangements.

Proper ventilation and dehumidification, in particular, are important agents in controlling the rate of bacterial reproduction.

Moisture also presents a major problem as it provides the perfect environment for the reproduction and proliferation of dangerous pathogens.

There’s no substitute for our hard-duty neutralizers and deodorizers to maintain fresh, odor-free facilities.

Our most powerful weapon is a neutral additive known as metagene, which attacks and destroys malodor at the molecular level.

Advantages of scented dog care facilities

The right scent in the right place translates into relief for animals that are suddenly displaced from their homes and brought into a new and alien setting with strange sounds, sights and, most importantly, smells.

Scent has the power to calm, soothe and lower stress levels as well as energize.

It can engage dogs in play and help distract them from fear and anxiety.

According to documentation from various animal care facilities, citrus scents in particular are known for their ability to reduce stress levels by 40% to 3%!

The following fragrances formulated by Air Scent International are popular because they act as calming agents for anxious animals and promote a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the dog care facility or kennel.

Air-Cent International Headquarters

Wafer refill:

Berry Blast

A firm, fruity top note bursting with aspects of sweet, green and aromatic strawberry, juicy, tropical pineapple, crunchy green apple and fruity, sugary and rich Concord grape opens this intense exotic fragrance.

These aspects soon fade and flow seamlessly into a heart note characterized by pearly, milky coconut and buttery, nutty cherry pit aspects.

A base note of sweet-sweet, sharp caramel completes this captivating fragrance.


A favorite treat and fragrance for centuries, cherries are often found atop life’s more pleasant indulgences.

On the nose, it is captured by an opening flow of fruity, sugary, sharp and biting almond nuances.

These aspects soon develop into a floral heart note featuring powdery, woody violet, which eventually fuses with a final base note characterized by graceful, elegant and warm vanilla aspects.

Island breeze

Images of sleepy blue lagoons and palm fronds swaying in the summer breeze are evoked in this exotic fragrance that flows with opening notes of sweet, spicy strawberry, milky coconut, luscious pineapple and ginger, vanilla-scented mango.

These aspects yield to a bouquet of heart notes consisting of sensual, haunting jasmine and salty, bitter and sweet fennel.

The fragrance is complete with a base note characterized by elegant, juicy vanilla and fruity, slightly sugary and sensual nectarine aspects.


A beloved pestoco scent that provides a cloud of universal appeal that always smells exquisite, but at the same time its character is elusive and lacks individuality.

Citrus aspects promote a fresh and clean work environment everywhere and in dog care and kennels, invisible and gentle, which instills a sense of calm in the animals.

Red raspberry

A berry/floral head note features fruity, sugary and piquant strawberry, firm, durable and leathery blackberry and tangy, woody raspberry.

These aspects soon evolve into an aromatic heart note mosaic of fresh, green and soft floral aspects.

In the end, the scent is dusty, slightly sugary and has a final drydown marked by alluring vanilla nectar.


This bright, high spirited and bubbly fragrance flows with an explosion of fruit, berry elements and highly reactive organic compounds.

A floral/fruity heart note soon follows, filled with sweet, woody, violet and fresh floral and tangy, raspberry aspects.

A base note of dark, rich, warm and sweet vanilla musk completes this memorable scent.

Sentsia refill cartridge

Passion fruit and watermelon

This fragrance is the epitome of all things tropical. Soothing, sweet and juicy passion fruit aspects flow seamlessly through the top notes of this glorious, evocative scent.

These aspects blend with fresh and dewy watermelon, resulting in a delightfully sugary cloud that dries down to ripe, exotic pineapple and dense, aromatic and velvety peach.

fresh air

A top note flows with citrus aspects of sour-sweet lemon, fresh, sharp lime, crisp, lemony litchi cubeba, dewy, bright watermelon and juicy orange.

These aspects soon develop into a bouquet of floral heart notes that include narcotic, deeply intoxicating jasmine, delicate and ambrosial lily-of-the-valley, buttery gardenia and dusty, woody-brief vetiver.

Earthy elements, moss green comprise the base notes of this most alluring fragrance.

Pittsburgh Ambient Scenting and Odor Control Services

We serve a myriad of diverse industries throughout Pittsburgh, all Western Pennsylvanian counties, Cleveland, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginia Panhandle.

These include but are not limited to: restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, factories, office complexes, food processing, motels, bars, country clubs, gyms, retail stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and dog grooming and kennels.

We also provide the most affordable, state-of-the-art air freshening diffuser systems and fragrance solutions for dog grooming facilities and kennels that money can buy.

Our complete facility care program

Spanning over seven decades of experience, we also offer the most efficient, effective and efficient Integrated Pest Management (IPM), pest control solutions and facility extermination services in the region.

This trinity of services, known as the Complete Facility Care Program, provides a bundled approach to pest, germ, odor and odor control.

Our strategic partnership with leading restroom hygiene specialists Air Cent International and Enviro-Master Pittsburgh offers a fully integrated array of environmental ambient air care management services for kennels and dog care facilities.

Taking advantage of this complete hygiene program means working with a trusted company commitment to pest control, pest management, odor control and air freshening services as well as complete washroom hygiene maintenance for all companies and facilities.

In conclusion

If you are the owner or manager of a kennel or dog care facility, call our team today and explore our many affordable options!

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