Why Year-Round Pest Control Is An Absolute Must

Year-round pest control Often overlooked as a pest-free home or office solution. There are fears of terrible costs and excessive pesticides, but they are not founded in truth.

Year-round care performed by our experts at Pestco is actually less expensive than emergency care, and less pesticide is used during scheduled inspections in case of infestation.

That old saying about an ounce of prevention equaling a pound of cure is as true about effective pest control and pest maintenance as it is about any other potentially harmful living situation.

Although indigenous, ancient civilizations believed that all living things had souls, it is unlikely that insects would ever fall into this category.

In fact, their presence has always been more than just annoying. In some cases, they are vectors of serious diseases, which can spread easily and cause harmful health problems.

Pests will never go away on their own. Once they set foot in your home, they’ve found a consistent source of food, warmth, and shelter, which they don’t need to leave in winter, summer, spring, or fall.

It’s wishful thinking for a homeowner to believe that at certain times of the year they don’t appear in large numbers that indoor pests aren’t really a danger. Because they are.

While homeowners’ priorities may understandably shift from pest control in the spring and summer to leaf shedding and preparation for winter in the fall months, this is a mistake.

It is true that some insects enter a state of hibernation during the colder months of the year, but this does not mean that many other species such as: bedbugs; Ants, spiders, roaches, termites, mice and other creepy crawlies are not given.

These critters can still be a serious problem in your home. For example, bedbugs thrive in climate-controlled environments, and warm homes provide warmth and many hiding places to breed…and bite.

Debunking some myths about pest control

The following presents some ideas that often prevent homeowners from thinking outside the box when it comes to pest control and pest maintenance. Sometimes, only seeing what it seems can be a very costly response.

A clean house has no pests

This myth can be very painful and very expensive to correct. While one cannot argue that a clean home is not better than a dirty home for many reasons, keeping pests away is not one of them.

As long as the invading critters can access shelter and food sources, they stay in a home until our teams get a call to assess the damage and provide a rotating, year-round maintenance schedule to keep them out permanently.

The cat will control a mouse problem

While cats do a great job of controlling rodent populations in barns and outbuildings, it’s not so easy at home.

While their instincts may cause them to run and find them, the reality is that rats are much smaller than cats and can hide in tight spaces that cats can’t. (Think Tom and Jerry cartoon capers).

Rats are dirty

Although rats, and rats in particular, have always been associated with deadly diseases like the plague and are filthy, rats are, in fact, very clean about their living habits.

At least half of their lives are spent cleaning their hives, which have designated areas for waste elimination.

It does not welcome them to any residence Willard Of horror movie fame, where he uses rats as weapons to kill people he doesn’t like.

Pesticides are always safe for children and pets

Pest control and pest-maintenance professionals should always use pesticides that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

However, it is important not to overlook the fact that after an application, children and pets should be removed from the area for the period indicated by the professionals.

Bug Zapper repels mosquitoes

Invasive insects that are attracted to a light source can be repelled by the zapper. Mosquitoes are a horse of a different color, so to speak. Light does not attract or repel mosquitoes, and getting rid of them will likely require year-round pest control and pest maintenance.

Year-round pest control benefits

1) It is always better to be proactive with pest control

The best way to protect your home from unwanted pest encounters is to be proactive rather than reactive.

Year-round pest control and pest-maintenance solutions performed by Pestco’s experts can stop infestations before they start, which is always a safer and more cost-effective solution.

Removing hidden spider webs and eggs before hundreds of eggs hatch and suddenly spread throughout your home, and nests before they reach full capacity, can not only greatly reduce the chance of a bite, but in some cases prevent normal entry or exit. Depending on how close the nest may be to a house.

Populations of mosquitoes, ticks and other dangerous pests can also be eliminated before they become a problem.

2. Professional approach is the best solution

DIY pest control has its place in certain situations, but when it comes to a full-blown infestation, using OTC products is like trying to plug up a burst dam with your fingers. It can be more expensive than ever expected.

Consider this example. A homeowner can use five treatments of OTC products to eliminate ants and still have an ant infestation.

In a worse case scenario, the failure of a particular product is not immediately visible, and when dealing with more destructive insects like carpenter ants, the damage to your home can go on and on.

Pest-control and pest-maintenance specialists use EPA products, and they’re actually the only company of its kind that makes products that use it.

They are all EPA approved and strategically applied to ensure the highest level of protection from unwanted pests.

3. Year-round pest control ensures problems are found before they occur

Regularly scheduled service appointments allow our highly trained professionals to effectively identify and monitor potential problems before they occur.

There’s no price for peace of mind, and our technicians can ensure that homes or businesses are pest free, saving time, money and serious aggravation in the long run.

Call Pestco Professional Services for year-round pest control!

If you are a home or business owner anywhere throughout Greater Pittsburgh, call our team today and learn more about our exclusion strategies and Year-round pest control Service!

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